How does your workplace wellness program measure up?

The end of year is upon us and this is the time for HR, wellness officers, experience managers and anyone in charge of workplace wellness programs to evaluate the success of their health and wellness products and services offered throughout the year.

Here are a few points to consider when evaluating your program:

1. The Process

Throughout the process of implementing the program, a few points need to be evaluated:

- Ease of communication of the services offered. Did it reach the entire team?

- Was the booking system effective?

- Were there high participation numbers?

- Who of the staff population are participating?

- What was the level of staff involvement?

2. What was the difference or impact your program made to your team?

- Note changes in behaviour.

- Were any of your policies updated as a result of findings made during the program?

- Have there been any habit or behaviour modifications?

3. What were the outcomes measured and reported?

- What were the sore spots of your team prior to the program and are they being addressed through the services?

- What is the current health status?

- Has there been a change in the stats of sick leave, staff turnover, workers compensation, etc?

These are just some of the points and questions that need to be asked and answered by a health provider to be able to measure true ROI and VOI of a corporate wellness program.

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Debra Villar